Swap Overview

Swapping on SnowSwap

SnowSwap pools enable the following:

  • Swap into higher performing yield farming tokens of top DeFI projects, avoiding withdrawal fees and high gas costs

  • Cheaply enter yield farming vaults by swapping your vanilla stablecoins, wETH or wBTC (avoiding the cost and complexity of wrapping tokens across multiple platforms)

  • Withdraw from vaults avoiding the exit fee

The SnowSwap founding team has created the first batch of pools. Future pools can be suggested and voted on by SNOW token holders using the Governance DAO.

Fee Structure

The fee for trades is listed at the bottom of the swapping page, along with the current liquidity of the pool. If there is an admin fee, it is taken from the swap fee. The swap fee is split among the liquidity providers of the pool and is distributed when they withdraw their liquidity (see Stake Pools & Depositing for more info).

Swap Pools

USD Stablecoins

Wrapped BTC

Wrapped ETH

Badger DAO

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