Liquidity Mining Overview

You can earn SNOW for providing liquidity to the SnowSwap pools by staking the SnowSwap LP tokens in the respective staking pools.

Liquidity Mining Program Summary

  • SNOW ❄️ rewards pool: 150,000 SNOW (30% of total SNOW supply)

  • Program Duration: 1 year (from 9:00 PM PST Oct 14th, 2020 to 9:00 PM PST Oct 13th, 2021) with a 3-month bonus period during which 95,200 SNOW (63.47%) was unlocked

SNOW ❄️ Token Distribution

SnowSwap utilizes a smart-contract based mechanism to distribute tokens over time. To enable single-asset staking pools, we’ve forked the SNX staking contracts that are widely used by many DeFi projects and tested by billions of dollars locked.

150,000 SNOW tokens (30% of total supply) will be distributed over a period of 1 year between the users who stake their SNOW and SnowSwap LP tokens in the respective staking pools.

SNOW Token Distribution Schedule

  • Weeks 1–2: 2,000 SNOW tokens daily

  • Weeks 3–4: 1,600 SNOW tokens daily

  • Weeks 5–6: 1,200 SNOW tokens daily

  • Weeks 7–8: 800 SNOW tokens daily

  • Weeks 9–10: 600 SNOW tokens daily

  • Weeks 11–13: 400 SNOW tokens daily

  • Weeks 14–52: 200 SNOW tokens daily

There was a 3-month bonus period for early participants. After which, 200 SNOW tokens are now distributed daily across the staking pools until the end of the program duration (Oct 13th, 2021) according to the distribution percentages in the table below. These percentages will change as more pools are added in the future.

The amount of rewards earned by a user is proportional to the share of the user’s stake of the TVL (total value locked) in the pool. Your share of rewards gets lower if more people start staking.

SNOW tokens are distributed to liquidity providers for staking their SnowSwap LP tokens with a distribution curve weighted in favor of early LPs that provide liquidity when total pool size is low. The rewards are distributed in proportion to the amount of liquidity supplied, multiplied by a “rewards coefficient” that increases with time and resets to 1 when the liquidity is withdrawn. There are no fixed-length lockup commitments.

Please don’t supply your life savings, or assets you can’t afford to lose, to SnowSwap, especially as a liquidity provider.

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