Buddy Elf Pool (ETH2 staking coins)

NOTE: Discontinued April 2021.

In order to provide liquidity to the Buddy Elf pool, one must first acquire aETH, crETH, or wETH and then stake it by doing the following:

  1. Deposit and wrap your ETH via STKR by ANKR. This returns back aETH tokens. OR Deposit and wrap your ETH via CREAM Finance. This returns back crETH tokens. OR

  2. Deposit and wrap your ETH via Uniswap. Be sure to select swap from ETH to wETH. This returns back wETH tokens.

  3. Deposit the resulting aETH, crETH, or wETH on SnowSwap eth2SNOW Deposit Page. This returns back eth2SNOW tokens.

  4. Stake the resulting eth2SNOW tokens into the Buddy Elf pool.

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