Night King (Curve Wrapped ETH)

Providing Liquidity

SnowSwap users can also diversify their yield by acting as LPs, staking their Curve ETH assets in SnowSwap pools to earn SNOW, the SnowSwap governance token.

First, deposit wETH, crvSETH, crvStETH, and/or crvAnkrETH into the crvethSNOW pool.


At the time of writing, vanilla sETH, stETH and ankrETH first must be deposited on Curve which returns crvSETH, crvStETH, and/or crvAnkrETH tokens. These wrapped tokens then are deposited on SnowSwap. In the near future, it will be possible to deposit the vanilla sETH, stETH and ankrETH tokens on SnowSwap without having to visit Curve, by toggling the “Deposit wrapped” check box.

Upon successful deposit, you will receive the crvethSNOW token, which can then be staked into the Night King’s pool in a separate operation. Or, you can deposit and stake at the same time by clicking the green button (recommended).

After staking the crvethSNOW token you will start to receive SNOW tokens. Currently, 200 SNOW tokens are distributed every day to all the different LPs on SnowSwap. To start, 60 SNOW will be distributed daily across all the liquidity providers in the Night King’s pool based on each individual’s percentage of ownership of the assets in the pool. This is a 10 week promotion from the pool's launch on 5/26/21, after which it will decrease.

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