Cupid (Harvest or Yearn crvRenBTC)

In order to provide liquidity to the Cupid pool, one must first acquire YcrvRenWSBTC, or FcrvRenWBTC and then stake it by doing the following:

  1. Deposit renBTC, wBTC, or sBTC to the sbtc Pool on Curve Finance. This returns back crvRenWTC tokens.

  2. Deposit the resulting crvRenWBTC to the CRV:RENWBTC pool on Harvest Finance. This returns back FcrvRenWBTC tokens. OR Deposit the resulting crvRenWBTC to the crvRENBTC V1 pool on Yearn Finance. This returns back YcrvRenWBTC tokens.

  3. Deposit the resulting FcrvRenWBTC or YcrvRenWBTC on SnowSwap btcSNOW Deposit Page. This returns back btcSNOW tokens.

  4. Stake the resulting btcSNOW tokens into the Cupid pool (or deposit and stake at the same time by pressing the green button.)

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